Project Management

Using a comprehensive project management approach I meet deliverables on-time and on-budget, producing exceptional results. I have the tools and knowledge to lead projects of all scopes and sizes, and have the experience to adapt quickly to a range of project environments. My attention to detail, organization, and professionalism keep my clients coming back.

With years of experience managing projects within the non-profit and NGO sector, I have managed projects in health promotion, recreation, youth engagement, low-income supports, and developmental services. I have also served clients in the real estate industry. 

An expert in building bridges, I bring together multi-disciplinary stakeholders and align them to a common goal. Some of the most rewarding projects that I have managed are the ones that involve high intensity inter-sectoral relationships. I value collaboration and believe that every individual and every sector brings a unique perspective to the table and while it takes careful planning and a strategic approach, engaging stakeholders that have a vested interest in a project will ultimately lead to its success and ensure a product that optimally serves the end-user. 

Among several focus areas, I am committed to supporting marginalized communities through advocacy, supports, and capacity-building resources that overcome societal barriers. Rooted in a strong understanding of the needs of these communities, I can confidently spearhead projects and programs that support marginalized populations including: individuals with disabilities, older adults, at-risk youth, underprivileged children/youth, and low-income families. 

In using my services you will find that every detail is attentively managed, stakeholders are engaged meaningfully, and strategic points of connection are made within the project. You will feel a sense of confidence and calm knowing that your project is in the hands of a competent and experienced project manager and knowing that with process-oriented planning and a results-oriented approach, the outcome will be successful. 

Melding my expertise as a project manager and a communications professional, I deliver creative multi-media projects for organizations of all scopes and sizes. 

I have experience managing many website redevelopment projects, video-based resources, and multi-media productions. I have a full-service creative team that I work with to ensure quality multi-media products. 

website development & multi-media projects

resource & program development

I specialize in program and resource design, development, implementation, and management. I have managed projects and programs from inception to implementation, as well as the revitalization of existing programs. Focus areas have included: capacity-building of inter-disciplinary professionals, youth engagement, and supports for low-income, and marginalized communities (including older adults, at-risk youth, individuals with disabilities, and underprivileged children/youth). I have also contributed to projects working to improve service delivery and inclusive recreation in developmental services. 

A few examples:

  • Ophea's Walk This Way First Nations Kit - a resource used by individuals across Ontario.
  • Youth in Motion's Leading the Way - a program motivating Canada's youth to develop leadership skills and give back.
  • Ophea's Healthy Schools Series - a resource used by school boards in Ontario.
  • Amici's low-income camp subsidy program offering children and youth equal access to the magic of summer camp.
  • Ophea's Active Pregnancy - used by interdisciplinary health practitioners across Ontario. 
  • Reach for the Rainbow's disability & inclusion training for recreation and summer camp professionals across Ontario.
  • Youth in Motion's Top 20 Under 20 - a program supporting Canada's most promising young leaders.
  • Ophea's Physical Activity & the Early Years - a resource used by early childhood educators, daycare centres, medical practitioners and health promoters across Ontario.