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Whether you are a small charity, a large NGO or a government department, my services can support your work. Whether you have an overflow of projects and tight timelines, need full-service help to design and implement a new program, effectively solicit stakeholder and public input, develop a communications plan, or increase your revenue, I can help!

Jennifer is a non-profit leader with 15 years experience helping organizations increase their impact. Jennifer offers a full service approach including: facilitation, project management, communications, fundraising, writing, and strategy.

Prior to offering consulting services Jennifer has lived and breathed the non-profit sector for 15 years, working for organizations in developmental services, inclusive recreation, youth engagement, health promotion, and low-income supports. She has worked in Executive Director and Director capacities for multiple non-profit organizations. She has an Honors degree in Disability Studies with a minor in Organizational Leadership and a very strong understanding of anti-oppression frameworks and the systems and supports necessary to serve marginalized communities.

Jennifer understands the non-profit sector as an insider. Her career has been devoted to working for non-profit organizations, understanding the non-profit and charitable landscape, and working across every functional department of non-profit organizations. She has specialized in leadership, financial management, government relations, strategic growth, fundraising, marketing/communications and project management. Her volunteer work includes sitting on the Board of Directors for developmental service organization, Extend-A-Family, and previously included sitting on the OCA’s Special Needs Resource Committee.

Jennifer provides cross-functional services and understands how departments from service delivery to development can strategically align and work together to better serve an organization’s mission.

A proven track record transforming a vision into reality, Jennifer is able to assess the landscape of projects, programs, and organizations in order to improve existing initiatives, and implement new ones. Her approach to all services is rooted in a comprehensive project management framework that focuses on every detail from inception to implementation.

Supporting organizations to grow, increase impact, and create positive change is at the heart of Jennifer’s work. She has successfully lead the transformation of several program and fundraising departments to scale programs, diversify and significantly increase revenue, achieve aggressive growth targets, and increase organizational reach. Meaningful stakeholder engagement has been at the core of her approach for program design, impact assessment, and growth strategy.

Services offered will help your organization achieve its immediate project/program oriented goals, and will foster and steward stakeholder relationships, garner support, create partnerships, and build trust and credibility.



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