Public & Stakeholder Consultations

Consultations don't have to be 'just' a required step in the development of an initiative or a project, they can be meaningful and worthwhile opportunities to engage the people who care!

There are a variety of ways to consult with stakeholders. I offer a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to stakeholder consultations using focus groups, online surveys, and key informant interviews to collect qualitative and quantitative data.

Whether you need to affirm the direction of a project, inform the next phase of development, or build strategic alliances for the future, I can help you bring together multi-disciplinary stakeholders in a way that engages, ignites, and builds relationships. 

My work begins with a research phase to compile relevant literature and review stakeholder information. A consultation process is then designed that takes into account the nature of the project/program, timelines, stakeholder groups (and their needs/availability), and the end goal. 

Consultation methods vary based on a number of factors. One effective method of consultation is through focus groups accompanied by complimentary online surveys and/or key informant interviews.

When done right, focus groups provide the opportunity to engage stakeholders, build trust & credibility, and collect relevant data that can shape the future of your project, initiative, or organization.

I design focus groups to include a variety of activities that meet the needs of different learning, information processing and communication styles. Both qualitative and quantitative data are gathered and all data is quantified in order to present clear findings and identify priorities. Using an enthusiastic and sincere delivery style, I encourage openness and a comfortable sharing environment. My goal is to have everyone participate and to participate fully. 

Following the delivery of focus groups, data is synthesized and analyzed, and then further synthesized with any accompanying activities (surveys, interviews, etc.).

The entire process is rolled into a final report that provides information on the consultation process, presents key findings and shares actionable items in a digestible format.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning ensures that organization's align their projects, programs, and services with their core mission and vision. In times of growth it helps organizations to identify deficits and areas of opportunity, and to pave a way forward that optimizes the potential capacity and growth of an organization. 

I will walk your organization through a comprehensive strategic planning process that begins with conducting an audit of the organization and its focus areas. I will meet with key informants and stakeholders, gain insight into current practices, and design a consultation process that engages stakeholders in order to determine the best way forward for the organization. 

By the end of the process, your organization will have consulted stakeholders in a variety of ways and meaningfully engaged those who care about your work, assessed strategic opportunities, and developed realistic and actionable goals for the future. 

Jenn did a great job! She was positive and knowledgeable, good at redirecting, funneling, focusing, limiting scope creep, and very engaging. She moved us smoothly through activities and kept it interesting. Great to have an enthusiastic facilitator!
- Focus group participant, Ottawa Ontario