Serving organizations in non-profit, NGO, and government sectors for 15 years. 


My personal mission

For as long as I can remember I have known that my mission is to impact positive social change. I have worked for non-profit organizations in many sub-sectors including: inclusive recreation, social services, health promotion and youth engagement, among others. I have lead teams and departments across many functions of organizations, focusing acutely on cultivating a broad reaching skill set. As a result of the variety of my professional experience, I can confidently serve organizations of all sizes, scopes, and focus areas.

I am steadfast in my mission to serve individuals and organizations, and to serve them well. The enthusiasm that I have for my work is contagious and I'd love to share it with you and your organization. 

career highlights prior to consulting

Supporting organizations to grow, increase impact, and create positive change is at the heart of Jennifer’s work. She has successfully lead the transformation of several program and fundraising departments to scale programs, diversify and significantly increase revenue, achieve aggressive growth targets, and increase organizational reach. Meaningful stakeholder engagement has been at the core of her approach for program design, impact assessment, and growth strategy.

Her impact will be felt for a long time.
— Michael Latimer, Amici Charity Board Member & President, Growth Link Inc.